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An old man is held prisoner in a secret laboratory, where he is forced to relive his past and explore a terrifying potential future. Two friends journey to a deserted lighthouse, only to discover that it holds a dark secret of their hometown. A very pregnant woman is monitored by a team of doctors concerned that something isn’t right about the new life she carries. A young actress takes a role in a theatrical production that begins to mirror and then warp her own existence. A brutish man imprisoned in a tiny room watches children being kidnapped and punished just as he was many years earlier.

These and other tales make up the dark, unsettling town of Brookville.

The stories in this book are linked, yet stand alone. The surreal, dreamlike images that anchor each of them are metaphorical blankets for a raw, emotional core that will resonate with each fan of gothic and horror fiction.


“For those who enjoy unsettling stories… Ennis has provided a slew of narratives well worth your time.”

The stories